The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation usually takes around an hour and a half at a cost of £45. There’s lots of questions involved along with diagnosis of the tongue and pulse.

Examination of the tongue and pulse are important diagnostic techniques in Chinese medicine. The tongue is assessed on shape, colour, coating and any particular features such as scalloped edges or cracks. The feature I see all too often is redness on the tip of the tongue which indicates ‘a disturbance of the shen’ or in other words, anxiety.



The pulse is assessed in three positions and three depths for it’s rate, regularity and quality. We use terms such as slippery, choppy and tense or tight.

All the information is put together to determin your TCM diagnosis. We’ll talk about what your treatment may entail and you will be introduced to some gentle treatment.

You will usually be advised to have a course of treatment. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you like, which I will do my best to answer and address any concerns you may have.




Initial consultation (1½ hours) = £45
Subsequent sessions (1 hour) = £35

Cosmetic acupuncture

Initial session  = £55

includes cost of derma-roller

Ongoing sessions (1¼ hours) = £45

Tuina massage

Advanced treatment(90mins) = £50

May include cupping therapy

Advised as a first session for severe muscle tension/pain

Treatment session (45mins) = £30



Payment by cash or cheque only


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